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National Association of Voluntary Services Managers

We lead, promote and develop best practice in Volunteer Management in the NHS and Healthcare

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We exist to support and develop volunteer management in the NHS and Healthcare

The National Association of Voluntary Services Managers (NAVSM) is a membership organizations...

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NAVSM exists to champion and support voluntary service staff working in healthcare settings, we provide the latest news and updates impacting voluntary services and opportunities to network with other voluntary service staff. We represent the views of our members at national stakeholder meetings and promote the outstanding work and contribution voluntary service staff make in healthcare.


NAVSM provides opportunities to network with your peers, we encourage you to share your experiences and to learn from each other in the vast field of healthcare volunteering. Our friendly and supportive hub chairs welcome members to regular regional hub meetings to discuss topics that impact our members and to address local challenges. Our aim is to encourage voluntary service staff to engage with learning and development opportunities to be the best they can be. The NAVSM National Executive Committee is made up of experienced healthcare volunteer leaders in England who understand what it takes to develop successful voluntary services and who are themselves at the front line of service delivery, we are here to help our members achieve their goals.


When you join NAVSM you become a member of a wider network of voluntary service staff who carry out a similar role to you, they face similar challenges, sometimes have the same questions that you have, and have perhaps experienced what you’re going through right now. We encourage anyone in a healthcare voluntary services role to become a member of NAVSM and benefit from a diverse network that includes experience at every level. By joining NAVSM you not only benefit personally from becoming a member but you also have a say on what is impacting voluntary services in healthcare by allowing NAVSM to represent your views at a national level, influencing decisions that impact you.


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    Here at NAVSM, we take the privacy of our members data seriously and will only use your personal information for administration purposes and for communicating with you about your membership. Only NEC members will be able to access your details. More information about how we look after your data can be found on our website.

    We will never share or sell your data without your prior permission.

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    Case Studies

    We Lead, promote and develop best practice in Volunteer Management in the NHS and Healthcare

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    Volunteer Service Coordinator

    Volunteer Service Coordinator

    The best part of my role is that I get to work with brilliant, friendly, and interesting volunteers and inspirational members of staff from all walks of life. Without volunteers,…

    Voluntary Services Manager Bedfordshire Hospitals NHSFT

    Voluntary Services Manager Bedfordshire Hospitals NHSFT

    Working as a VSM can be such a rewarding role. We get to meet lots of different people – people with hearts of gold who genuinely want to make a…

    Volunteer Services Coordinator at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

    Volunteer Services Coordinator at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

    Engaging with volunteers is the most enjoyable part of my role, getting to know a variety of different volunteers and what motivates them to give up their time. Each volunteer…




    A wonderful resource

    I have been so impressed with the expert advice I have received from my NAVSM hub and have really enjoyed meeting others who are in a similar role and face similar challenges.

    Henry – London Hub



    A wonderful resource

    The NAVSM East Anglian hub meetings have been an incredible resource for me since I started in post as Volunteer Lead at Cambridgeshire Community Services. Everyone has been welcoming, friendly and supportive. It is a place where more experienced VSMs can guide new members, where issues around volunteering can be discussed, and where ideas and best practice can be shared. The hub meetings are a fantastic way to connect with other NAVSM members and keep updated with the wider NAVSM agenda – I thoroughly recommend them. 5 stars!

    Karen - Norfolk Hub



    A wonderful resource

    I learned so much at the National NAVSM seminar in Leeds and really enjoyed the opportunity to network with other voluntary staff, I can’t wait to attend the next one and share my experience with other members

    NAVSM Member



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