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Volunteer Services Coordinator at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Written By: Faye

Engaging with volunteers is the most enjoyable part of my role, getting to know a variety of different volunteers and what motivates them to give up their time. Each volunteer brings something different to the table making for a unique team. Volunteers are very special and bring a different positive energy to the trust. I also learn a lot form volunteers and they challenge me to do the best I can in my role.

I like to make sure I find time in the day to make regular visits to the volunteers in their roles and all it takes is a simple chat and how are you to make my day a little brighter, Volunteers will also come up with great feedback and ideas, working in a team where everyone supports each other and that is lovely to be a part of.

My aim is to create volunteer roles that are fully accessible to those who have disabilities increasing diversity and inclusion across the community, to increase the profile of volunteering and its importance in providing an enhanced positive experience for patients, which will in turn allow for more roles to be created to support staff and patients.

NAVSM have been a great support and it is a fantastic space where those involved in volunteering across the healthcare sector can come together, it has enabled me to meet new people share ideas and experiences and learn from others. NAVSM provides valuable resources and updates to support volunteering, hub meetings are very interesting and have enhanced my knowledge, skills and experiences to develop in my role.

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