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Job Substitution

Tips on the Job Substitution Process

Ensuring roles are suitable for volunteers and are not job substitution

VSMs are constantly looking for new volunteering opportunities as well as being approached by staff members requesting volunteer assistance. Although some basic guidance exists around what is or isn’t acceptable in terms of volunteer roles, this line is often blurred and particularly in the current economic climate there is growing pressure to place volunteers in roles which could be considered job substitution.

It is a fundamental part of the VSMs role to advise staff on what is or isn’t acceptable regarding volunteer placements. There are some key underpinning principles that VSMs should abide by:

  • Volunteer placements should enhance not replace the work of staff
  • Volunteers do not carry out personal care
  • Volunteers are there to support not to lead

For more information about how you can ensure your roles are not considered as job substitution please contact your local NAVSM hub


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